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TrueBroker was born from the concern of its CEO, Pablo Beltrán, to be an entrepreneur, to have the freedom to investigate and create innovations that add value and are a solution for a business area, in order to achieve a better society. He also shares the same concern for studying consumer behavior.

We are a company with a strong identity, built on hard work and a strong commitment to create innovations that add value and allow our industry to evolve.

We know the importance of doing things well and understanding the reason for what we do, and that leads us to have a commitment with the result of the business we do, the quality and with our customers, accompanying them throughout the process and the time that the property is in their lives.

 For us, to innovate is to constantly renew ourselves, to learn new ways of doing things that allow us to improve results and create innovations that lead us into new fields, to seek excellence in service, to know how to anticipate changes, to respond quickly to the market, to be flexible and to create trust.

In addition, we are aware of the importance of research in order to continuously innovate, innovation being the raison d'être of the company, creating solutions that anticipate the complex challenges of the industry, continuously evolving under the principle of commitment to people.

A different vision

We honestly believe that our obligation is to understand why people do what they do, and to understand the real value of business in order to know which ones to do and which ones not to do, because of our strong commitment to the result. In addition, we enrich your business with our knowledge and effort, achieving difficult results within the reach of few companies.

More than words, it is the concepts that differentiate us and support our personality with a personal and professional requirement. 

We are not just looking for market share or turnover figures. We are simply passionate about what we do and the quality of what we do.

Pablo Beltran

Born in Barcelona in 1968, born in Madrid and citizen of the world. By the age of 7 he had already visited five different cities, changing his mother tongue and country twice.

He studied business at the UAM. He studied and worked in the USA, which gave him the necessary experience to be the inventor and ideologist of Fuencarral Street, whose commercial proposal changed an entire neighborhood of Madrid. This allowed us to learn a different way of understanding intermediation and retail, allowing us to elaborate, from the beginning, the conceptual framework of what would later become "Retail from people".

In 1996 he began his career in the real estate sector and in 2004 he founded the real estate company TrueBroker, after six years creating the Fuencarral street, and already successfully completed the project, with the methodology of Retail from people already established, product of that experience.

In 2012 TrueBroker created the i+i Department, after years of research around the world and development of the methodology, which resulted in a differential value for the company, to be able to scale, sort and expand that knowledge acquired by the CEO. This resulted in the TrueBroker Index (iTB), the first index that measures the value of commercial premises as a communication tool and its commercial value; how people behave, trends and how physical and mental changes affect their consumption.

In 2016, in the face of the huge changes that were taking place in the industry, we decided to start a five-year research journey around the world in search of answers to the question: what's happening to retail?

The conclusion of these research trips has led us to completely re-found the company, with completely different tools, a team and a new structure, capable of responding to each of the causes of what is happening to retail, in order to be a company capable of facing the change that is taking place in the business.

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The Team

Our way of conceiving retail led us to create a team that was able, as a group, to understand the power of work to solve complex challenges and not to stop in the face of difficulties; people who know how to put the final result of the client and the interest of the team itself before their own personal interests, and who work under a method created by TrueBroker.

Efficient, hard-working, creative and decisive people, capable of leading and solving problems. The team is in continuous training and growth, under the supervision of the CEO, Pablo Beltrán.

The innovative vision of the company is shared by all: outstanding professionals who are committed to our principles of honesty, professionalism and loyalty to the client. Each person has his or her own name as a professional, which is linked to TrueBroker and, therefore, to our client. This responsibility obliges us to demand the highest quality before, during and after each operation, and to make a commitment.

 In 2020, as a result of our study begun in 2015, of what was happening to retail, we came to the conclusion that, in the coming years, the market would become highly atomized and traditional real estate structures would not be able to meet this challenge.

In response to the atomization of the business, we created the "Network of people of TRUST", a group of companies and outstanding professionals in different sectors (including direct competitors) that we considered to respond to a high standard of quality and that enjoyed the trust of executives and prominent businessmen in the retail real estate world.

This "TRUSTED PEOPLE NETWORK" operates under a collaboration contract and they are chosen to create a multidisciplinary team, inside and outside Spain, which allows us to enlarge our own team and to reach more quickly to detect potential or dispersed clients in the market, to increase the demand and the offer. It also makes possible that the information of our demands and assets reaches them through a person they trust, supported by the i+i department and the TrueBroker team.

Likewise, we have created a department dedicated solely and exclusively to search for executives, companies and entrepreneurs in the different sectors or profiles that the research of our i+i Department determines will be emerging.

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