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Investors who partner with TrueBroker are kept up to date on any developments or discoveries in real time, as a result of our research, and specific studies and measurements are made for them. in real time, as a result of our research, and specific studies and measurements are made for them, being able to benefit both in their investments and in the detection of business opportunities.

We monitor through the iTB the evolution of the value of your property/s to protect your money.

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Case Study

In the year 2000 we placed a family's money, the result of years of savings from their professional activity. We chose the street that we believed would have the highest appreciation.

After the purchase of two properties and their union, it was leased to a multinational company for 15 years, which fulfilled the contract in full.

At the end of the contract, we warned the investor that the strong upward trend of the street, as well as the profile of the client, were going to start to lose specific weight and we decided to divest in order to reinvest in another new upward position that we had recently detected.

We renegotiated with our lessee, in a different way, beneficial for both parties, which focused on the security of the investments. In the negotiation, we demonstrated to the lessee, with our CIMa tool, that by contracting for 15 years with a fixed rent, the total rent he would earn would be lower than if we had a 10-year contract, and that allowed us to have a higher starting rent, in exchange for that 15-year concession, doubly guaranteed for the future new owner, as he understood that the focus of the investments would shift from profitability to investment security.

When Covid appeared, our research allowed us to conclude that it was going to exit through a series of waves of ups and downs in market prices. This allowed us to make concessions in support of the tenant, and to align its return to normalization with one of the waves of exit from the investment market predicted by our R&D Department, at which time the sale could be made.

Of this divestment, we allocated 34% to other needs of the company and the remainder was repositioned in a property that, in the middle of Covid, was leased at 11%, tripling its asset value. The conclusion is that our investor partner was able to free up money for other company matters and, in spite of this, leave its asset portfolio at a higher value than before.

In the purchase of the new premises, we negotiated with the community of neighbors the installation of two smoke vents and the installation of the air conditioning unit on the roof. We legalized and updated everything that was pending and not only got a new license for the restoration, but we also designed a special plan.

Finally, one of the most important architects in the world of luxury, who is part of our TRUST Network, designed an innovative commercial concept that we translated into a commercial dossier with conceptual infographics, which produced a reaction from the market, which began to offer double what was offered when we bought the premises. The new tenant benefited, as he added improvements to his concept, also increasing the value of his business.

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