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Book Retail after the Global Era


First book published (second one written) by our CEO, Pablo Beltrán, in which, after years of research around the world, asking ourselves what is happening to retail, we have come to the conclusion that nothing is happening to it. What is happening is that society is transforming the way people make decisions, from the Industrial Revolution, 250 years ago, to the Global Era, 50 years ago.

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"With the book we wanted to show a different vision, which does not see the cause of what is happening in online and technology and, therefore, proposes different solutions."

Pablo Beltran

Some Reviews

"Pablo Beltran is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable and well-studied people in the retail world that I have ever met in my life. His vision of the end of the global era is very well argued and full of common sense. Magnificent book for those of us who work in retail to rethink many things".

Javier Goyeneche

Founder of Ecoalf

"I congratulate you for your interesting book indicating the analysis of the current situation, and for the different vision that seems to me very accurate."

John Gomez Hall


"Pablo Beltran is a passionate man who lives, breathes and thrives on retail. This book reflects his passion and deep knowledge of our industry. His vision of the evolution of retail and his disruptive recommendations for a multichannel approach are highly relevant - a book to recommend to all professionals who want to go into retail!"


Managing Director American Vintage

"I find it a very interesting book, about the present and future of city stores.
I think it is accurate and I agree with most of the things that are exposed in this book.
Pablo Beltrán, a guy ahead of his time.
A one hundred percent recommendable book."

Jesus Pastor
Owner of newsstand Serrano 52

"Brilliant and daring, I identified with the book and I like to think that we do have a future as a society and that we are experiencing a new ordering of priorities and that, to understand this change, we will have to do it from the people. 

Society is facing its great challenge from Capitalism and only those who know how to build from the human will triumph, with creativity and talent."

Jose Alvaro
Founder Maki chain
Sushi Restaurants

"An indispensable book for any professional or lover of Retail. Loaded with fundamental data that make you understand this sector much more and in a very clear and simple way. Totally recommended."

Virginia Guisado

Head of Expansion & Real Estate Director

Teresa Carles

"Retail after the Global Era" sees the light of day at a highly sensitive post-pandemic time.

The book helps you to have an insight into all the areas where retail impacts and also those that directly impact retail, its survival and growth.

Very interesting and didactic book for retail lovers.

Paco Sanchez

CEO Lola Casademunt

"After reading this book by Pablo Beltrán, I conclude that retail requires a new modus operandi. In this new era of creativity and technological innovation, without understanding what people need most and why, brands will not know where to play and the level of reward they are going to get. A must-read guide for all retail professionals and brands."

John Mellen 

President of the Design Institute of Spain (D!OS)

"After twenty-two years in retail I only know that I know nothing. Everything changes in a business that at its core is the same: people and product plus localization. That's why you need some anthropology but above all numbers and more importantly, their correct interpretation. That's where Pablo's work is so absolutely useful in retail science."

Mikel Feijoo

Founder SKFK

"Something that stands out on the cover of this book is the phrase: "A vision beyond consumption". In it converge the paths taken by its author in recent years. This book is the product of a work, a work that Pablo carries out on himself and on his company, thus achieving the two fundamental premises of a true work: knowledge and transformation. But he doesn't keep it for himself, he gives us this first installment where, unintentionally, he computes, with great success, a new look at the market. Thank you for moving forward in spite of yourself, to make the world a better place."

Magdalena Salamanca


"It is a book that I read in one sitting for several reasons. First, because it was enjoyable and made it easy for me to follow and appreciate the evolution of the retail world over time, and second, because it helped me to reflect on retail, not only from a business perspective, but also from the perspective and needs of the consumer, the buyer, in short, of people. And this is what I found useful and innovative."

Magi Marti

General Manager Diesel Iberia

This book is an essential guide to understand the reality that lies ahead: Retail from people.

This book is an essential guide to understand the reality that lies ahead: Retail from people.

A transformation of a kind never experienced by the generations of the last 250 years, full of opportunities, that will affect everything: politics, the state, international organizations, banking and finance, and also retail. The 2008 crisis was the consequence of the beginning of the end of the global era.

Retail TB Book Cover

Some relevant phrases found inside:

Some relevant phrases found inside:

"We have put people at the center, but with the same words and techniques of the past" (page 76);

"Nothing has happened to retail in the last twenty years, and that's their problem" (page 80).

"Neither robots nor artificial intelligence can access a universe as rich as the human mind" (page 45);

"Brands don't need more online and technology, they need to think differently: think retail from people" (page 122).

"Wehuman beings are all very much alike, but the 1% that sets us apart makes the big difference" (page 170);

"We are facing a return to the neighborhood, to the immediate environment and to seek the protection of small communities" (page 187);

"Work is infinite: it is built with work and desire.It heals and extends life. It is essential to the human being" (page 176).

Highlighted index

Some of the topics covered in the book

Retail from the people

Neither origin nor species, just evolution

What overdetermines retail?

What is happening to retail?


Brands and Fashion

Distribution channels, Spain as an example

The online bubble

The age of creativity and the revolution of humanity

Book Retail after the global era

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About the Author

Pablo Beltran Truebroker

Pablo Beltran

Born in Barcelona on September 13, 1968, a citizen of Madrid and a citizen of the world. By the age of 7 he had already visited 5 different cities, changed his mother tongue and country twice. 

He created the real estate company Truebroker, which took on its commitment to Retail&Madrid, based on the study of consumer behavior in Madrid. 

In 2021, he created the i+i department in his company, from which the Truebroker Index (iTB), the first index that measures what people do, trends and how physical and mental changes affect their consumption, would emerge. 


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