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In addition to the TrueBroker Index (iTB), which measures the value of commercial premises, the i+i Department has also developed other instruments:


The CIMa tool, which estimates the 15-year total net return on an investment, including tenant rotations, tenant expenses and future replacement value, based on our study of the various value trends for the resulting different business categories.


A new shopping center model, called "Y", which allows brands to evolve and builds the value proposition in a different way under our concept of "Retail from people". These are places where people want to go, without the need for brands, so that they add strategic value and have the desire to be in those malls because they are associated, in the consumer's mind, with something of great value to them.


A new concept and use of commercial premises, called "U", which adds the next evolution to brands, associating them in people's minds with values.


A new method for marketing premises, called "MIMa", an evolution in the traditional way of marketing and brokering, and a team with specific training in continuous growth, under the supervision of the CEO.

BOOK "RETAIL AFTER THE GLOBAL ERA. A vision beyond consumption".

First book published (second one written) by our CEO, Pablo Beltrán, in which, after years of research around the world, asking ourselves what is happening to retail, we have come to the conclusion that nothing is happening to it. What is happening is that society is transforming the way people make decisions, from the Industrial Revolution, 250 years ago, to the Global Era, 50 years ago.

With the book we wanted to show a different vision, which does not see the cause of what is happening in online and technology and, therefore, proposes different solutions.

A transformation of a kind never experienced by the generations of the last 250 years, full of opportunities, that will affect everything: politics, the state, international organizations, banking and finance, and also retail. The 2008 crisis was the consequence of the beginning of the end of the global era.

This book is an essential guide to understand the reality that lies ahead: Retail from people.

"RETAIL AFTER THE GLOBAL ERA. A vision beyond consumption" is available on Amazon.

Book Retail after the global era
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