Madrid crece, crece con Madrid

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We are all different types of consumers, depending on what we desire. Now consumers are looking for something different, and Madrid has it.

serranodistinto will give Madrid the commercial appeal it desires to equal the standing of the biggest cities, offering consumers a formula that doesn’t exist anywhere else. New formulas, areas, business ideas and value for property owners, brands and consumers that will make Madrid’s residents feel and welcome these brands as their own and, at the same time, it will be the powerful communication innovation that companies need today.

Do you want to know where Madrid is heading?

A new EO2 from TrueBroker, the same as our famous Project Fuencarral. Clients also enjoy our MIMa, CIMa, SMEx and TrueMadrid tools resulting from our Research and Innovation Department and ‘The Psyche of Retail’ research.

According to El Mundo, The upward retail trend continues.

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What consumers associate cities with in their mind

Paris is LUXURY

Milan is DESIGN


New York is VANGUARD


Madrid is HAPPINESS,

the new luxury of the

simple things in life.

In Madrid you live more.

Madrid is growing, why not grow with it?

Madrid crece, crece con Madrid. Serrano Distinto, Truebroker.

When people come to Madrid, what makes them a highly efficient consumer is what they associate Madrid with and what gives Madrid a special place in their heart, something that Madrid has forgotten to add to its commercial offering.

That is what serranodistinto wants to give Madrid.

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