Research and Innovation Department

23 years as Real Estate specialists in Retail & Madrid

The consumer

Consumer study from the different aspects of the human being, to be able to have a wide overall vision.


Pedestrian and consumer annual studies on the main commercial streets of Madrid.

Cities of the world

Study and visit in situ of Shopping Centres, Retail Parks and Prime streets in more than 180 world cities.

Innovation is our priority because we want to add lots of value to the market, beyond intermediation, to Retail, to Madrid and to our clients.

We want to combine knowledge, information and know-how to be able to create business and value, to be an outstanding player that gets results, projects and gives answers to clients, only available to the best. We want to know more about consumers than what we already know, and use this knowledge to build value to properties, brands and investors.

To give them the solution and answers, we created our own Research and Innovation Department. It took shape in 2012, with personnel and financial means.

This Department studies ‘Retail & Madrid’ and the consumer from as many different angles as possible, from the economy to the psyche. We also carry out field research.