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If the world has changed so much,

shouldn’t we be innovating our way

of commercialising properties?

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A new era full of opportunities but with two challenges:

  • Trendy global brands will relinquish 25% of trade.
  • Adverts are not seen, remembered or believable.

Commercial properties are not measured in m2 or €/m2… they are measured by values that each brand sees differently.

Commercialisation is not just selling to the highest bidder but finding the one that bids highest because one of the values is more important to them. There is no market price for commercial properties, only a value that you need to know how to monetise.

Can you imagine properties that rented and sold themselves or that could be commercialised and have buyers interested without anyone knowing which one the property was?

MIMa is the result of our Research and Innovation Department’s investigation into the Psyche of Retail through which TrueMadrid has been created. You can also enjoy our CIMa tool, which is a dashboard to be used in the negotiation of leasing contracts and creates other benefits for the property owners.

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