Emotional Oxygen

If the world has changed so much,

shouldn’t we be innovating our way

of designing and building shopping centres?

EO2 is the new evolution of shopping centres.

The key to consumption is not found in creating experiences and emotions or by adding brands, but in having the know-how to be able to create environments capable of changing pedestrians into the specific type of consumer that adds the most economic value to each shopping centre or property.

EO2 is designed for:

  1. Shopping centres and retail parks.
  2. Ground-floor shops and discount stores.
  3. City councils.
  4. Large shops and commercial buildings.

We now apply the ideas from our most well-known EO2, the design and creation of Fuencarral Street in Madrid, to all our real estate products and once again in Madrid with the serranodistinto project.

It comes as a result of our Research and Innovation Department’s investigation into The Psyche of Retail and benefits from our TrueMadrid tool.

The main commercial element is the people, not the brands.
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If in this new evolutionary state the main commercial element is the people, and not brands, shouldn’t we stop making concepts and shopping centres for brands and start making them for people?

Evolution of society
EO2 la nueva evolución para centros comerciales, truebroker
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