For us, the most valuable part of the product we offer clients.

TrueBroker wants to be the company you TRUST to handle the most delicate questions.

Our internal conduct protocols are signed by the TRUSTED team member chosen for each client. The rest of the team know only what is necessary to improve the service. The TRUSTED person has unlimited access to the R&D Department and the company’s CEO to have all the means that make it possible to achieve our client’s objectives.

Each person, property, company, brand and operation have a code name and all information and conversations are kept confidential, regardless of any personal or professional relationships they may have with our client.

Confidentiality is the foundation of our relationship. We do not advertise completed operations, answer questions or confirm or deny the existence or data of any deal.

We also do not provide invoicing data of the points of sale.

What you say to us, stays with us. We know the most important thing is to be able to speak and be listened to by a company and trusted person.