TrueBroker Index

The first question the TrueBroker CEO wanted the Research and Innovation Department to be able to answer is how much each brand at each commercial property in Madrid would sell and what is the real value of communication.

As a result we decided on the definition and distinction between pedestrians and consumers, different types of consumers, the study of indicators that stimulate or dissuade consumption and our annual pedestrian and consumer index for Prime streets and blocks in Madrid.

 The TrueBroker Index, broadly as well as in detail, gathers the number of annual pedestrians and CONSUMERS on the main commercial streets and blocks in Madrid, adding a new street to a new profile every year. This information provides vital knowledge and helps decide whether to invest or to make an opening, and to know much more about the consumption in every block, street and shopping centre in Madrid.

 Quality information and knowledge obtained by studying and observing the distinct types of consumers that Madrid has, their behaviour, the barriers and the incentives that stimulate each type. As such, we have the know-how to incorporate brands into the Madrid consumer’s mind through the opening we make or the property investments we make.