The Psyche of Retail

In 2016, our R&D Department concluded that, as a society, we were facing a change of era, and not just a change of cycle. It was going to change almost everything in society and that did not require innovation like before, but great innovation. We decided to dare to create a great innovation that lived up to the change that we thought we were facing as a global society.

We invested more time and money into new research within the department called ‘The Psyche of Retail’. This research is the result of the new vision, the design of the group, projects, products etc.

In 2019 we are bringing to market TrueMadrid, SMEx, CIMa, MIMa, EO2 and serranodistinto. We are currently finishing others that will be launched beyond 2019.

Commercial Cities studied by TRUEBROKER

Mapa ciudades estudiadas, la psique del retail, truebroker - psique retail-min
Mapa ciudades estudiadas, la psique del retail, truebroker - psique retail-min

From 2017 to 2019, we studied all angles of the consumer as a human being to have a very broad vision of the whole:

  1. Interviews with executives and retail business leaders, from food to luxury, from 50 years ago to today.
  2. Extensive studies and bibliography that studies the human being and the consumer from all possible angles (economy, finance, anthropology, evolution, genetics, biology, zoology, history, psychiatry, psychology, medicine, neuropsychology, neuroscience, psychoanalysis, invention, design, marketing, innovation, etc.) and we contacted some researchers and authors.
  3. After analysing the consumption influencers and highlighting the municipalities of Spain and Portugal that stood out, we studied them culturally and economically first.
  4. In addition to field work led by the department team (after the cultural and economic studies) and the CEO, we visited and studied Shopping Centres, Retail Parks and Prime streets in situ in more than 180 cities in Spain, Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and Arabic countries.
  5. Dozens of field notebooks, articles, comparative analysis…
  6. Since 2016, continued weekly study of the human psyche, taking shape in the form of a book that we hope to publish next year entitled: “The Psyche of Retail and how to get brands, shopping centres and cities to understand the consumer”

The first part of the research is complete and, due to what we have learned and been able to innovate, the study has been extended to more than 100 cities in Asia, Africa and America for the years 2019 to 2024. These will be accompanied by more interviews with authors, professionals and field research and a specialised bibliography.

Why aren’t they listening to me?

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