We believe in and are betting on Madrid to be the leading city in terms of economic growth in the next decade.

  1. Third largest city in the EEC in terms of size.
  2. The biggest, richest and most tourism within Spain (with much to be done with regards to international tourism)
  3. 590 million Spanish-speakers with a positive emotional relationship with Spain.
  4. Geographic centre of Spain and a trendy place for Spanish-speakers
  5. Madrid is key to building a brand in the mind of the Spanish and Spanish-speaking consumer
  6. Chosen by hardworking people with initiative who want to prosper, subconsciously betting on Madrid, cementing an innovation leadership factor that, along with the time it leads Spanish economic growth, does so alongside other developed EEC countries. As such:

Madrid can be the leader of European growth, but its residents must believe it and work resolutely towards this vision.

 We are the real estate company that has strategically bet on Madrid and nowhere else, and we want this to be what differentiates us from the rest. We want to add value and innovation to Real Estate in Retail & Madrid.

Annual pedestrian and CONSUMER statistics in Madrid

Grafica FLUJO y CONSUMIDORES, Truebroker, Madrid
Grafica FLUJO y CONSUMIDORES, Truebroker, Madrid