Knowledge and information are vital and essential but can be dangerous if you only follow dominant trends without being able to have your own vision and know-how.

Please, check out the graphic below and read more and you will see.

Comparative value and price in Madrid

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Streets of the same commercial category compete inside the city for some specific consumer typologies and as a consequence of human behaviour, prices do not match their value. So, while on one street the price is 14% below value, on another it is 14% above value as you can see in the graphic.

Knowing how much a brand has paid for a certain property is knowing the price line, when the important thing is to have the know-how to move along the price range, where each property is and to know how to invest an amount that is lower than its true value or even above it.

This know-how is the difference between knowledge and information, the difference between following a trend and dominant thought and getting there faster than the rest.

Knowledge and information is abundant in our society, they are easy to get, but know-how is available only to few, industry leaders, which TrueBroker aspires to be. This is why our Research and Innovation Department is the most important part of our business.