About us


We are a Madrid-based estate agents specialising in Retail and 23 years ago we had a long-term dream for Madrid to become a leading city in the EEC and we have been betting on Madrid to do so within the next decade. Our work is making that dream a reality. 

We want TRUST to be the most important part of what we do.

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Playing local

in global colors

We add to local consumer’s view of the global macroeconomy and financial vision of Real Estate, to be able to create value as specialists in retail. This allows us to increase the economic value of the properties we sell, and for this we study consumer behaviour and retail worldwide to have our own know-how with an independent line of thinking.

We are not agents, we are qualified property sellers.

In 2016 we changed our brand name from Broker to Truebroker, announcing the start of our second phase. We are now in the process of initiating our third phase. We do not dwell on the past but work to continuously evolve in the property market in retail and investments.